STOP PRESS! School is taken over!

May 9, 2019

Last week, when Stage 3 and High School were all away at camp – Kindergarten, Stage 1 and
Stage 2 were in charge of the school….

Stage 1 classes made the most of this opportunity, taking part in some really exciting
activities as we moved into High School for the day.

The students completed Lego Master challenges, became masterchefs as we baked yummy Anzac biscuits, played handball and other sporting activities, joined in with some
Maths games and made a Peace artwork.

Mrs Varga also organised a special visit by Mr Peter Williams, who played the bugle at our ANZAC Day Assembly at the end of last term. Mr Williams shared some of his story with us and explained to students the significance of the Last Post and the Reveille, also known as the ‘wakey wakey’, that are traditionally played at ANZAC and Remembrance Day services. Students were enthralled as Mr Williams introduced them to a number of different instruments, from the humble bugle and the trumpet to the deep sounds of the tuba. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for students and onlookers alike. We really appreciated Mr Williams coming in to visit us.


The teachers could not have done this without the help of Mrs Varga, Mrs Casanova, and an
army of brave and willing parent helpers. THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Mrs Baker, Mrs Parsons and Mrs Hefferan




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