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Our K-6 children benefit from being under the care of dedicated Christian teachers
whose commitment to Christ and to teaching our students combine to bring an outstanding level of motivation, care and expertise.
The teachers use the school’s motivating 
environment, best teaching practices and a wide variety of resources to help meet children’s educational needs in a well-planned and caring manner.


In all classes the teachers program to extend and enrich students. Teachers work on a stage basis in some key learning areas so that this extension and enrichment occurs. Whilst this objective is aimed at all class levels, there is more opportunity in the upper primary years. Our stage three classes are structured in a way that provides the most supportive yet challenging environment possible for the girls and boys as they prepare for their future schooling.

Learning Support

Our K-6 students are continually assessed by classroom teachers and our learning support team. In both numeracy and literacy, students receive intervention that is well resourced and appropriate for their particular needs. That intervention may involve working one to one or as part of a small group. Specifically designed programs like MultiLit help build skills in reading and our numeracy teaching centres on the program called Count Me in Too.


Our school choirs have developed a reputation for quality Eisteddfod and community service performances. The upper primary students are given the opportunity to be a part of the school concert band. Music in a Christian school is most important and our children have opportunities to sing regularly, perform at assemblies and take part in musical productions.


We are blessed with excellent facilities including large play areas, a full size gymnasium and fully-developed sports ovals. Our teachers are enthusiastic about sport and provide our students with many opportunities to develop their gross and fine motor skills. From the school level to the highest level possible, we have staff who encourage, train and support our students in a wide range of sporting opportunities. Our K-6 students compete successfully in zone and state level CSSA gala days and carnivals for cross country, swimming and athletics. We also engage regularly in local sporting gala days and interschool sport days.

The K-6 Department annually takes part in a compulsory learn-to-swim program. We are also committed to an ongoing healthy eating and exercise program.

Extra-Curricular Activities

During any given week our students can engage in a range of lunchtime interest activities. These activities include Drama Club, Library time, various sporting practices and games, Bible study groups for the older primary students, a quiet room, and working in the school garden.

The school also provides music tuition by way of private music tutors during the school day. Parents can, for a small cost, have their children taught to play an instrument such as the violin, keyboard, piano, flute and guitar. Some instruments are available from the school for hire, and as students become more competent they are encouraged to join the school concert band.

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Literacy and Numeracy Action Plan

Our K-2 students and staff at NCS will continue to benefit from the funding we have received courtesy of the “Literacy and Numeracy Action Plan”.

Up-to-date evidence-based programs and strategies in the all-important areas of numeracy and literacy are the most important parts of a typical school day here at NCS. All of our K-2 students receive excellent learning opportunities in the relevant and intensive blocks of literacy and numeracy.  We have been able to develop and extend this teaching and learning in the older primary classes as well.


Throughout this year our teachers will receive further professional development. This is a critical aspect of the sustainability of the Action Plan into the future years. The “Plan”, and the related funding, commenced in 2013 and will cease at the end of this year. We continue to be thankful to the New South Wales State Government for funding this program.


Reading is taught using evidence-based programs. Regular literacy blocks in each classroom are a vital part of the day. Our teaching staff receive ongoing professional development to ensure best practice in the classroom. Our K-4 students follow a guided reading program that produces excellent results.

There is a regular home reading program with graded books as well as an emphasis on reading for pleasure. Children are regularly assessed. All children in Years 3 and 5 are assessed according to the NAPLAN assessment.


The teachers understand the importance of sound numeracy skills and work hard at encouraging the students to develop these to the best of their ability.

A daily numeracy block is the basis for a rich and engaging program. Ongoing assessment is the key to progress. Our staff use this information to ensure that all students are having their needs met. All students in Years 3 and 5 undertake the NAPLAN assessment for numeracy.

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