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Principal's Welcome


Welcome to Nowra Christian School.

NCS is a community where every person is seen as precious because they are made in the image of God. This is both a philosophy and a reality. The outworking of this is that NCS is a community that cares deeply for one another.

At Nowra Christian School we use evidence-based teaching practices to provide a most excellent education for students. Our desire is that students will leave the school with the skills and qualifications that they need to be successful in whatever career they choose for their future. But even more importantly, we are interested in developing the character of our students. We intentionally consider how we can teach our students to grow as people who will be a delight because they interact with their world in a kind, thoughtful and generous manner.

As a Christian School, ultimately our desire is that students will respond to a God who loves them sacrificially and be well-equipped to take on whatever challenges the world throws their way, confident in their self-worth and their ability to tackle these challenges.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.

God Bless

Mr Graeme Jolliffe


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The mission of Nowra Christian School is to provide a Christian educational community as a centre of teaching and learning excellence, founded on Biblically based beliefs, values and behaviour.


Nowra Christian School (then known as Nowra Christian Community School) was officially opened in 1980 at the Nowra Baptist Church premises in Salisbury Drive, Nowra East with 22 students.


Our Location

The early years at school for a child are critical. NCS is fully committed to ensuring that every child receives the best start in literacy and numeracy, as well as knowing full well on a daily basis that they are truly cared for and are special in God’s eyes. LEARN MORE>>

Our staff are committed to best teaching practice and genuine pastoral care ensuring a smooth transition through the secondary years. We also involve and encourage students in a full and exciting range of learning opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom. LEARN MORE>>

Our unique approach to the HSC is a “lower stress” option that allows students to focus on three subjects per year. Intensive learning takes place in a more relational environment. Building great rapport with fellow students, and their teachers, is a definite feature of this approach. LEARN MORE>>

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