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Nowra Christian School is a ministry of Nowra Baptist Church, through a Company called Nowra Baptist Church Christian School Limited (NBCCS Ltd). The members of the Company, who are members of Nowra Baptist Church, appoint a Board at the Annual General Meeting in May each year.  In addition there are two members of the Board chosen by the parents of the School. The Board is responsible for establishing and monitoring the School's budget and operational policies. The members of the Board do not represent any particular interest group but their backgrounds will, however, bring to the Board the perspectives of  different parts of the School community. The Board's role and legal responsibility is to always act in the best interests of the whole School, rather than any particular group.  The Board is also responsible to the members of the Company to maintain the School as an authentic Christian School.


Under the authority and guidance of the Board, the Principal is responsible for the day to day running of the school.

School Board

The Board of Directors are a group of people who volunteer their skills and experience to govern our school. The primary task of the Board is to seek Godly wisdom and to act on behalf of the school community by clearly articulating the vision and goals of the school which reflect its Christian ethos. It establishes policies aimed at achieving the vision and goals. It also has the responsibility to ensure the school meets its legal obligations. The School Board appoints the Principal, establishes executive policies and limitations for execution by the Principal, and ensures the Principal is adequately and appropriately resourced to carry out his assigned responsibilities.

The current Board is:

Mr Paul Dickinson Chairman
(Church Appointee)
Mr Simon Hustwit - Treasurer
(Church Appointee)
Mr Graeme Jolliffe Principal

Mrs Jenny Schaefer (Parent Appointee)
Mr Gary Curline (Church Appointee)
Mr Johnno Tallon (Church Appointee)
Mrs Bessie Weissel (Church Appointee)

Mrs Fiona Lewis (Parent Appointee)

Policies and Procedures

Written policies and procedures are helpful for communicating and directing what happens in the life of our school. Some policies are legal and/or regulatory requirements and you would expect to find them in any school, while others are NCS-specific. 

Some of the policies include:

Anti-Bullying Policy

Child Protection Policy & Procedures

Code of Respect Policy

Complaints Handling Policy

Enrolment Policy

Enrolment Procedure

High Potential & Gifted Education Policy


If you require a specific policy that is not listed above, please contact the school office.

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