SENIORS (Year 11 & 12)

Senior schooling at NCS is designed to engage and enthuse students academically. We want students to be excited about learning. We also nurture and empower them to serve God’s wider kingdom.
We invest in our students as we recognise that they are our future leaders who have the ability to transform and impact our world in a positive way. 
Relevant Senior Links

Focused approach

The focused approach allows students to concentrate on only three subjects at any one time. Greater blocks of time allocated to each subject – on average 100 minutes of class time every school day – means that students can consolidate their understanding and use the uninterrupted time to practice and perfect their skills. Students know that they have to come to grips with, and revise for, only three subjects at any one time. Having a maximum of three assessment tasks in any given period, and having to prepare for a HSC exam for only three different subjects at the end of the year, reduces stress and opens the door to a better performance.

Subjects offered

The subject range offered each year is impressive. Over the course of the senior years, students will have the opportunity to study (subject to student demand) Ancient History, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Design and Technology, Drama, Earth and Environmental Science, English (to the highest level), Legal Studies, Mathematics (to the highest level), Modern History, Music, PDHPE, Physics, Society and Culture and Visual Arts.

The wider school experience

While the HSC is an important focus of students in the senior years, there is so much more to school than the academic side. Senior students at NCS also have