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Nowra Christian School achieves 2023 HSC Success

Nowra Christian School’s (NCS) focused approach to the Higher School Certificate (HSC) has paid off with two students achieving ATAR’s above 90 and almost half students achieving Band 5 or above in at least one subject.

Nowra Christian School Principal, Mr Graeme Jolliffe said that a combination of hardworking students, dedicated teachers and the school’s unique approach to the HSC has contributed to the school’s academic success this year, one of the best in the school’s 43 year history.

“I would like to congratulate Micah Edwards on achieving DUX of the school with an ATAR of 94.15, and Evelyn Anyon, who also achieved an excellent ATAR of 91.1.

Micah intends to commence study at the University of Sydney’s Conservatorium of Music in Jazz Performance and Evelyn will eventually head to university to study Physiotherapy, after first completing allied health studies at TAFE.

“We are also extremely proud of the following students who made the Distinguished Achievers List with a Band 6 in their subjects; Micah Edwards (Music 2), Jessamine McPhail (Visual Arts), Isabella Cimador (Visual Arts) and Darcy Thomas (Maths Standard)”, Mr Jolliffe said.

Ameliese Clifton also performed well with an ATAR in the 80s. Ameliese completed Extension English 1 & 2 and intends to extend her love for writing by studying a Bachelor of Creative Writing at university.

A high proportion of students achieved Band 5s and above in at least one of their subjects and more than 60% of our current Year 12 have gained early entry to university. Many others have received apprenticeships/traineeships or intend to continue further education at TAFE.

“At Nowra Christian School we recognise that the true worth of each student is measured by much more than their ATAR score. We are proud of their academic performances but even more encouraged as a result of the commendable character traits that our graduating students display.

“We congratulate all our Class of ‘23, Year 12 students and pray that God will richly bless them in 2024 as they commence higher education, take a gap year or begin work.

“Well done to all our Year 11 students who have also performed well this year, and have now completed half their HSC program!” Mr Jollife said.



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