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Our Purpose Statement

‘Nowra Christian School partners with families in equipping students for life through the provision of quality, Christ-centred education, founded on Biblical values.’

We pursue our purpose from a Biblical base by aiming:-

In Personal Christian Life:

  • To start and end with knowing God in all endeavours.

  • To live under the authority of God's Word, and to interpret it thoroughly and reasonably with the guidance of His Holy Spirit.

  • To nurture and encourage students into a reconciled relationship with God through Christ.

In the Process of Christian Education:

  • To encourage and train students into a love of learning.

  • To equip students' minds to understand God's perspective in all areas of learning.

  • To help each child and young person address his or her God-given potential, by providing appropriate educational opportunities according to each one's abilities.

  • To fulfil all Government requirements to ensure that we remain an accredited educational institution.


In Christian Community Life:

  • To create safe relationships through being just and fair according to Biblical principles.

  • To be compassionate and merciful as God is to us.

  • To nurture and train students to accept personal responsibility for themselves and to act within an ethos of service towards others.

  • To staff the school with people committed to living worshipfully under God.

  • To develop community life with the school, promoting K-12 unity throughout the school.


In Striving for Excellence:

  • To encourage students to accept the Biblical principle of stewardship in relation to their gifts.

  • To encourage and train students in academic growth, rigour and excellence.

  • To encourage and provide for staff in their Christian growth and professional development.​​

Our Values

We believe all students have the right to feel safe, supported and respected at all times.
We have identified three key core values as representing the essence of our school: ‘community’, ‘care’ and ‘character’. 


  • We value the diversity of our community

  • We appreciate that our NCS community is made up of staff, students, their extended families, their church families and our alumni students

  • We foster a close-knit Christian community where Christ’s love is shared and every member feels valued 

  • We have a responsibility to shine Christ’s love into our wider community both on a local and global scale



  • We treat others with care and consideration

  • We care for each student on an individual basis and develop a desire in every student to care for those around them

  • We care for God’s creation and the resources He has blessed our school with

  • We take care and pride in our schoolwork and always strive to do our personal best



  • We desire our students to be known for their outstanding Christian character - the ‘NCS difference’

  • We expect our students to ‘Choose Respect’ by being kind and considerate of others, by respecting those in authority and by respecting our school and its Christian foundations

  • We encourage students to love and honour God in all they think, do and say

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