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About the program


At NCS, we strive to be an authentic Christian community. Through the Christian Leadership Program we aim to encourage and equip Christian students to be ‘Salt and Light’ within our
school and our world.

The Christian Leadership Program (CLP) will be open for applicants in the current Years 5 -9 classes who are seeking opportunities to learn and grow in servant leadership.

The program has four main components. All are designed to help students grow in their faith and to equip them to share this faith with those around them.

1. Training: Students will participate in training workshops throughout the year. This training will help them develop their knowledge and understanding of God as well as teach them practical skills they can use to share their faith with others.

2. Mentoring: Students will be paired with a (vetted) Christian mentor to meet with them, pray and encourage them in their faith journey. Mentors will ideally be selected from the student’s local church to strengthen the student’s connection to their church. Alternatively, the student may be paired with a teacher or older Christian student. The role of the mentor will be to intentionally invest in the spiritual formation of their student (mentee).

3. Team-building:  The student group will be involved in some team-building activities and small group work aimed to develop a peer support system. As Christians, we need people around us who encourage us in our faith. Throughout the year, the students will experience fellowship with Christians from different year groups as they grow together and share a common goal of being ‘salt and light’ in our school.

4. Leading: Putting our learning into practice is an important element of the CLP. Students will be given a range of tailored opportunities throughout the year to put into practice what they have been learning. Jesus calls us to be leaders who are different. Christians are called to be leaders who serve. Not all students will want to do up-front tasks, but all students will be encouraged to lead by example and be bold in sharing their faith with others. 

Church partnership

Where students are involved in a local church, that church will be asked to support and encourage the students as they undertake the Christian Leadership Program. By partnering with the student’s church, we will be able to work together on our shared goal of raising up the young people in our care to be people who love God and know how to share that love with others. The student’s church will be encouraged to pray for the student, encourage them, give them opportunities to serve/lead, and provide a trusted mentor.

Where students are not currently attending a church, the school will step into this role for them by providing prayer, encouragement, opportunities, and mentors.



Interested students are encouraged to submit a Student Application Form by
21 November 2023
. Teachers also can nominate students by completing a Teacher Nomination Form. There are limited spaces available in each year group. Students will be selected, based on their application form and an informal interview with the Principal and/or relevant Head of School and one of the Chaplains.

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