BYOD Headers.jpg

From 2019 we will be implementing a compulsory BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program for our Years 7 - 12 students. Our primary reason for the introduction of a BYOD program is to further enrich our students’ learning experiences as 21st-century learners. As a Christian school, it is imperative that we train our students to be excellent digital citizens by helping them to promote ownership of their learning and to become good stewards of resources.


To achieve this outcome, we will require every student to bring their own wireless laptop/tablet in order to connect to the school’s student wifi network.

These devices will enhance the opportunities for all of our Secondary students to gain advantages in meeting key educational outcomes. Some of these advantages are:


  • Textbooks can be accessed digitally

  • Students’ research information can be easily stored

  • Students can access homework, worksheets, lessons, notes etc. online via SEQTA Learn

  • Parents can access students’ learning documents/programs via SEQTA Engage.