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Our friendly Enrolment Officer, Mrs Jo-Anne Dickinson, is more than happy to speak with you and answer any of your questions about the School prior to you engaging in the enrolment process. Have a read through our prospectus, or book a tour or an experience day and speak with our students, parents and staff about our School community.


Complete our Enrolment Application Form online (please complete one per child).

Please ensure you have also completed your Family Statement Form as well as the above application form. 

Kindergarten Enrolments - Kindergarten students must be five (5) years of age by 30 June of their starting year. Also please note that applications for Kindergarten 2025 will be placed on a waiting list as our 2025 Kindergarten classes are currently full.



Once we have received your application and family statement it will be processed and assessed by our Enrolment Committee. Our Enrolment Officer will then contact you to discuss the next stage of the enrolment process.


We will arrange an interview for you with the Principal. If your child is entering Year 1-6 they will also attend the interview and one of our teachers will conduct an assessment to determine your child's current learning level.


This interview is also an opportunity to discuss the school's and your expectations, regarding our ethos, learning expectations and fees. It is also essential that you notify us of any particular needs that your child may have in terms of their schooling.


If you haven’t already had a tour of the school, we can also arrange for this at the end of your interview.


Following the interview, if successful, a letter of offer will be sent to you along with an Acceptance of Enrolment form. If there are no current places available, you will be placed in a waiting pool.


To secure your child’s place, please send the completed Acceptance of Enrolment form along with the $300 non-refundable enrolment fee to the School within the specified time period. 


Once we receive your Acceptance of Enrolment form and enrolment fee, you will be notified of commencement dates, orientation days, uniform fittings, and other pertinent details which will assist your child’s transition into our School Community.

To request more information:

Mrs Jo-Anne Dickinson
Enrolment Officer
P: (02) 4422 1199

You can also request more information with this form:

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