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At Nowra Christian School we want to celebrate students' many gifts and talents, not only in their academic abilities but also in the areas of creative and performing arts.


Music is an integral part of student life at NCS. Students are provided with an engaging approach to the music curriculum from Kindergarten to year 12. Students are encouraged to express themselves through music, and are challenged in developing confidence as performers. Students develop their skills and experience of music through extra-curricular opportunities including vocal ensemble, concert band and the assembly band. Each year, students from K-12 have the opportunity to be involved in the Shoalhaven Eisteddfod as well as a range of school and community events. Music at NCS is considered in the context of being a gift from God to be nurtured and grown.


Concert Band – Our Stage 3 Introduction to Concert Band program enables students to hire an instrument and begin learning in small groups during school hours. Students begin to play together and learn vital note reading and ensemble skills. The secondary Concert Band plays a significant role in the life of the school. Students perform a variety of repertoire for different school functions and community events.


Assembly Band – Students are provided with opportunities to grow their musical talents and serve through music in regular school assemblies. Students are also encouraged to guide and mentor others in creating a supportive environment of worship.

Nowra Christian School also facilitates private music tuition during school hours, where parents can pay visiting tutors to teach their child a musical instrument on a weekly basis at school.

Creative Arts News
Visual Arts


Visual Arts provides students with an exciting opportunity to engage their imagination and express their creative gifts. From Kindergarten to Year 12, students are encouraged to explore personal expression and gain technical skills through a wide range of materials and processes. 


Students experience joy, challenge and surprise as they investigate, experiment, design and create artworks throughout the school year. Visual Arts prepares students to confidently navigate our visual world through reflecting on history, culture, experience and being created in God’s image. 


NCS celebrates the creativity of our students with a number of exhibitions and displays throughout the year to showcase their gifts, talents and inspire the school community.

Design & Technology

In primary school, students are given regular opportunities to explore the design process through the Science & Technology Syllabus. Designing products and materials through a guided design process to solve everyday problems allows our students to explore the application of scientific knowledge and understanding.

Performing Arts


NCS students have many opportunites to participate in the performaing arts, including;


  • Various groups like the Secondary Concert Band, Assembly Band, Secondary Vocal Ensemble, Drama Club and the Infants and Primary Choirs. These groups have performed for audiences at A Taste of Christmas, Worrigee Community Christmas Carols, Chesalon Nursing Home visits and various school performances.

  • Major School Productions - usually every second year NCS presents a major stage production. These productions often involve students from High School and Primary. In recent years, the school has performed Bye Bye Birdie, Oklahoma! and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

  • The Shoalhaven Eisteddfod- Each year, students from K-12 have the opportunity to be involved in a wide variety of Performing Arts through the Shoalhaven Eisteddfod's annual programme of events. From large group choirs to small group dramas and solo performances, the opportunities are there for all our performing artists.

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