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Focus on Food Tech

It has been so great to get back into the classroom and cook together with all my friends!

Lately in Food Tech, we have been cooking scrumptious meals such as:

  • Bush tucker

  • Fennel and finger lime salad

  • Damper

  • Cornish pasties

  • Aussie 1950s food - Jelly cakes

Apart from this, we have been learning so much. We have learnt plating techniques, food photographing skills, what Indigenous people eat and how to be sparing with rations that the early Europeans would've eaten when they came to Australia. We have also compared the diets of early Europeans to our Indigenous people.

I never thought that learning about nutrition, tasting different flavours and gaining confidence in cooking could be so much fun.

As I mentioned, we learnt about plating techniques, where we had to prepare, cook, plate and photograph a meal of our choice for our Assessment Task.

We are currently preparing for our next Assessment Task, which is where we will create a meal from a cuisine of our choice. We will create our own recipe and cook it.

I really love Food Tech and enjoy coming in everyday to learn the basic techniques and background of cooking, whilst cooking with our friends.

Overall, it's great to be back cooking in class. Thanks, Mrs Lawrence!

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