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The Joys and Disappointments of Auditioning and Casting

Dear Parents, Carers and Fabulous Students,

Auditioning is always the hardest part of any production - for the panel as well as for people auditioning. We are so impressed with and proud of all the students who auditioned. You have made our job of choosing very hard - and that is exactly as it should be!

The next part can be hard too - waiting and then finding out who got what part. There were more auditions than there are named parts so some people are going to be thrilled when the cast list comes out, and some will be disappointed.

It is important to remember a few important things. The first is that disappointment, as a part of life, only lasts a short time. The fun of a production lasts a long time - even after it is over, the memories you have will be of the fun, the challenge and the satisfaction, not so much the disappointment.

It is also important not to read too much into whether you get a particular part or not. There are a lot of factors that go into the decision. It is not a race where the fastest or best gets the biggest part. It is about matching sound, character and dynamics as well as trying to give the maximum number of students the experience that we think they need for them to grow as performers.

It is OK to be disappointed. You auditioned because you wanted a part, so of course you’ll be a bit disappointed if you didn’t get it. It's also OK to be excited. You auditioned because you wanted a part, so of course you’ll be excited if you get it. Once the decision is made and everyone feels the feelings that they feel, we’ll be getting started on the amazingly fun process of making this story come to life on stage.

God has the bigger picture in all this. As a team we pray for wisdom to make a good decision on what we see at auditions. We also know that God is going to be doing so much more in the lives and experiences of the cast than just singing or acting a particular part in a production. And this we can’t plan for. We just get to pray for it and watch it happen.

Let the fun begin!

From the Production Team



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