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The 8th Annual Tour de Worrigee/ French Day

The day was amazing! Our teams were named after the teams that are usually in the Tour de France. We started riding our scooters during Periods 1-2. The first area we rode our was around the car/bus driveway. The amount of points we scored in that section depended on the number of laps we completed. We did that for about half an hour which was fun. We rode them around and around the course swapping between each person in our team.

After that we moved onto the mountain stage which was the path next to the basketball/ netball courts, up and around, then next to the MPC gallery and through the gate onto the driveway to go back through the other gate that led to the netball/basketball courts for another half an hour.

We all moved onto the time trials which was one lap around the netball/basketball courts. The fastest person would earn points for their team.

We had a break during recess, then we watched a french movie during Periods 3-4. The movie was about a man who tightrope walked for a living, his dream was to tightrope across the gap between the twin towers.

After lunch we split up into two groups to complete some activities. The activities included making Croque Monsieur (toasted ham and cheese sandwich), making a paper model of the Eiffel Tower, making a one pager on the Eiffel Tower and completing a puzzle. The fastest team to put the puzzle together won 15 points for their team.

Thank you Mrs Wilkinson for planning this day!