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Stage 3 students get Bible FIT

On Friday 11 September, 41 students from Stage 3, attended Followers In Training (FIT), a Christian leadership program facilitated by the Crusaders Union.

As part of the theme, “Christian Leaders Love the Bible”, students learnt a number of practical, fun, and rather inventive ways to teach from the Bible. Students learnt about what it means to be a Christian leader. They were encouraged in their personal faith and given strategies to help them read and understand the bible better.

Students participated in a number of electives, which included telling stories through drama, voice acting, role play and memory verse games. It was wonderful to see students enjoying themselves, encouraging one another and participating so well in the activities that were offered. While restrictions prevented students from joining with Christian leaders from other schools this year, we were very blessed to be able to offer such an impactful program.

Thank you to the Crusaders School Ministry team, Clare, Bailey, Dan, Kellie and Naomi, for making this event possible. The Crusaders Union provides the material for CRU group meetings, which are held each Friday lunchtime for students in Stages 2 and 3. We are looking forward to a visit from the Crusaders team to one of our CRU group meetings later in the year.



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