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Letter to Parents - 23 June

Dear Parent / Carer,

Your child has expressed an interest in being a part of the cast for the stage show The Little Mermaid that the school will perform in Term 1 2024.

The Little Mermaid is a well known Disney movie that was adapted for the stage in 2007. It is somewhat like the movie, however there are a number of extra characters and songs. With the new live action movie just released there should be a large and keen audience for this production in our school and beyond.

Before your child joins the cast, we need them and you, their carer, to understand what this commitment would mean. We understand that, like the rest of school life, this involves partnering with you as the parents and carers. Before your child can join we wish to know that you understand and are supportive of the commitment required. Please read the information carefully and then sign the return slip at the end of the letter. The students interested in auditioning for a lead role must return the slip before or during their audition.

Students that wish to be a part of the chorus do not need to audition but will still need the parental slip returned before they are officially part of the cast. We are giving Year 6 students (Year 7 in 2024) a chance to be in the chorus. They will attend after school rehearsals only as required.

Auditions (Years 7-11)

Auditions will take place in Weeks 1 and 2 of Term 3. A jotform will be available on SEQTA for students to indicate their interest in being in the production and to book an audition time if they want to audition for a main role. It is good for students to remember that roles are given based on a number of factors. They will not know exactly what the audition panel is looking for. The best thing to do is prepare as well as possible, choosing a song that shows your vocal capabilities and familiarising yourself with the part of the script being used for the audition. The task of the auditioner is to help the panel see them clearly in a role.

The audition panel will consist of Mrs Edwards, Mrs Ellery, Mrs Thomas and one other team member.

Note on shared roles: We have, in the past, double cast for some of the roles. This is to give as many students as possible the opportunity to shine.


Students in the cast will be expected to attend rehearsals. It is especially important that those with key roles in a scene are available when we rehearse that scene. Members of the chorus are expected to practice their songs and some choreography at home. Leads will be expected to learn their lines and rehearse their songs and choreography at home also.

Term 3 2023

  • After school on Fridays 3 –5pm cast (Year 6 will join in Term 4)

Term 4 2023

  • Friday Sport and Rec

  • After school every Friday 3 –5pm cast

Term 1 2024

  • After school Friday rehearsals continue for everyone

  • Two Saturday rehearsals – choreography and tech rehearsal

Rehearsal Schedule

We will be making the effort to produce a rehearsal schedule and publish it in advance so that when your child is not needed they do not have to attend rehearsals. Please keep communicating with Mrs Edwards or Mrs Ellery about rehearsal availability. It is very helpful to know when students will or will not be able to attend. A Consent2Go will be generated where parents and carers give permission for their child to attend all rehearsals. But the rehearsal schedule will indicate some weeks they are not needed.

Performance date

The performances will take place in Term 1 2024


There should be no substantial cost to being a part of the chorus. We may need to ask your child to provide some aspect of their costume.

Please sign and return this portion of the letter.

I have read and understand the information about the school musical production for 2023/4. I agree for my child to audition (if wanting a lead role) and be involved in the rehearsals and performances.

Student’s name ________________________________________________

Parent Signature ________________________________________________



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