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How do you write a book in a day?

By working as a team!

On Tuesday 15 August, Teams of Primary students worked all day to plan, write and illustrate a chapter book.

The books will be published and given to children sick in hospital with cancer. Every team is also fundraising for Kid's Cancer Project.

It was a busy day, full of ideas, discussions, drawing, painting, writing, editing, laughing and satisfaction. Congratulations to all students for the way they approached this challenge.

More books in a day!

On Wednesday 17 August it was Secondary's turn to Write a Book in a Day. Sixty students spent 12 hours writing together in teams. Although 12 hours feels like a long time, teams need every bit of it to plan, write, edit, illustrate and format their book. It is a challenge writing with other people and we were very impressed with the positive teamwork we saw. Pizza dinner helped!

Students have until 30th September to do their fundraising.

Congratulations to all the teams who participated.

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