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Stage 3 Get Early Taste of NAIDOC Week

This week, some Stage 3 students from 5P got to mark NAIDOC Week 2020 early.

Students learnt about some of the native fruits and herbs from around Australia, before cooking with them. They used fresh finger limes, Davidson's plum jam and Lilli Pilli Conserve to garnish the lemon myrtle pancakes that they made and cooked in their small groups.

Everyone involved agreed they loved the taste and texture of the finger limes. Many of the students liked the Lilli Pilli Conserve, which tastes similar to apple and cinnamon. Some also liked the tart, sour taste of the Davidson's plum jam, a rainforest fruit from the tropics of far north Queensland. The pungent smell and subtle citrus flavour of the lemon myrtle herb added some 'zing' to the fluffy pancakes.

This was the first time most of the students had tasted some of this native Australian produce. Quite a few of the primary staff also got to share in the delectable pancakes that the students prepared. All gave thumbs up and enjoyed munching their deserts.

Mr Parker and Mrs Perry thoroughly enjoyed teaching the students some of the finer points of cookery and more importantly about the wide variety of foods enjoyed by our country's first people across countless generations. Tanayah: 'I love cooking because you get to learn how to work as a group.' Eden: 'I like cooking so then my parents can let me cook myself and I can cook pancakes for them every Sunday!' Mackenzie: 'I enjoyed doing it because we don't get to do it very often and we get to eat everything!' Emily: 'I like cooking because it makes you lick your lips. The pancakes were delicious!'

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