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Space Day: out of this world!

In week 6, Year 7 participated in a mini Space Day incursion. This was a great opportunity for the students to participate in a range of cross-curricula activities. Mr Clarke demonstrated how maths and engineering are vital when preparing rockets for launching. He also showed us how to launch a rocket into the ground, oops!

Mrs Hetherington took us back through history to the times of ancient astronomers who used astrolabs to tell the time and mark the position of the stars (all whilst wearing an excellent costume). And then it was Mrs Arthur's turn to take us to space as we decided which foods would be suitable for space travel. The day was completed with a taste test of a range of re-hydrated foods, including spaghetti bolognese and strawberry icecream. Delicious! Many thanks to Mrs Edwards, Mr West and Mrs Graham for their work to get the day ready for launch! Year 7 have also been working hard to investigate space technologies and have produced some meteoric projects! Well done Year 7.

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