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Mechanics in the making...

This term Stage One students have been busy learning about the History of Transport, investigating how vehicles have changed over time. Cars are now faster and much more comfortable than those from the olden days. We wanted the chance to share what we already know about cars and how their motors work. First, we talked about the names of different engine parts. Then we drew what we THOUGHT we might see under the bonnet.

We invited Mr Hefferan and Mr Tasker to be our visiting mechanical experts…. They showed us what a car engine looks like and explained how the different parts worked together. They did a great job, answering tricky questions and helping us become mechanics in the making. After checking out the engine, we went back to draw what a motor REALLY looks like. We sure learned a lot! and MASTER CHEFS …. Learning about transport will make anyone hungry …. so we had to do some cooking in Creative Play time. We followed instructions to make Tiny Teddy cars, using chocolate icing to join skittle wheels and tiny teddy drivers. They were delicious!

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