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Study Skills are Elevated

On Tuesday, 10 March, students in Years 7-10 participated in seminars, presented by Elevate Education. These seminars are aimed at 'helping students to improve their study techniques, increase their motivation, build confidence, and lift exam performance'.

Here are some responses, from our students, when asked 'What was the most important thing you learned today?'"

Year 7 'I learned how to take notes and put down important points to help understand stuff more'; (Erik) 'How to make dot points quicker'. (Charley)

Year 8: 'I learnt how to manage my time, if I have homework/tests/assignments, and still do the things I enjoy.' (Chloe) 'Breaking things down and taking breaks; doing it (homework/assignments) early.' (Noah)

Year 9 'To refer to the syllabus when studying and to set weekly goals'. (Jess) 'Practice papers, simplifying, and using colour.' (Phoebe)

Year 10 'That, if you don't have a clean desk, you won't be able to focus' (Edward) 'I think the most important thing was the different types of study methods.' (Hannah)

We trust that by learning these, and other, study skills, students will be able to implement them to become effective and independent learners.