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Outstanding results in the 2019 HSC

The 2019 HSC results are in and our students have performed very well. Nowra Christian School Principal, Mr Rob Bray, said that a combination of hardworking students, dedicated teachers and the school’s unique approach to the HSC has contributed to Year 12’s academic success this year.

A special congratulations to Nicholas Astill, Jonathan (Jonty) Beavan, Tamsyn McPhail and Zoe Plant who all made the Distinguished Achievers List for receiving a result in the highest band possible for one or more of their courses. A special mention to Nicholas Astill who received a Band6/E4 in a total of four subjects earning him DUX of the school for 2019 and an ATAR of 91.35. Congratulations also to Jonty Beavan for his Band 6 in Biology and for receiving an ATAR of 90.4. Nicholas plans to study Digital Composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and Jonty is planning to pursue further study in the field of Health Sciences. Overall this year’s HSC results have been solid with a few Band 6 and many Band 5 results. The majority of students have achieved Band 4 and above. Mr Bray said at Nowra Christian School we recognise that the true worth of each student is measured by many more factors than just their ATAR score. We are proud of their academic performances but even more encouraged as a result of the commendable character traits that they display. “We are confident that each of our students demonstrates a willingness to enter their new communities with the intention of using their gifts and talents to make positive contributions. “We are very proud of all our Year 12 students and pray that God will richly bless them in 2020 as they commence higher education, take a gap year or begin work. “Well done to all our Year 11 students who have also performed well this year, and have now completed half their HSC program!”, Mr Bray said.

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