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High Flyers compete in first competition

On Wednesday 4 December a group of excited students headed to the Bomaderry Basketball Stadium to compete against many other local schools in a paper aeroplane competition. The event was hosted by many different groups from our area including the Nowra Show Society, Shoalhaven City Council and defence businesses.

The competition involved distance and airtime categories. Looking at a few of our trees and roofs around the playground showed the excitement from the teams as the memories of training will continue to last until a strong breeze sweeps through the school.

We took four teams to the event. Two junior teams and two senior teams to fill all the categories. Our students did an amazing job. For our senior teams, Jayden's throw in the 'airtime' category saw the team come away with second place. Harry also threw a great length to win in the distance category. Leo, Will and Cassie also competed very well and provided excellent designs for their teams to use.

"I was with John in the distance category and got third place. We almost got second. Sam was with Jake for airtime. They got first place with his spiraling throw. We all got medallions with our places and I got a medal as well. Jake got a helicopter trophy for his win". - Darien Moore

Many students left with extra information about industries within defence as they had opportunities to also speak with the defence liaisons that were present for the event. All the students did a fantastic job and will be looking forward to the event again next year.

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