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Seniors settle in with Foundation Studies

On Monday Years 11 and 12 began Foundation Studies. The whole day was dedicated to making a smooth start to our Senior schooling by beginning on the right foot.

The day began with a devotion from Mr Bray that encouraged us to unite as a group to lead younger students in our school and use our God-given talents. Mrs Dallimore and Mrs Meek then gave a presentation covering what is expected of us as Seniors and they were extremely helpful in explaining how this little complex thing called the HSC works.

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable parts of the day was a bonding session run by our school counsellors, Mrs Dearsley and Mrs Donald. This session involved separating into our House groups and competing in a number of challenges such as karaoke, mathematical problems and debating. I personally enjoyed this session the most as I feel it encouraged individuals, from different year groups, to foster new friendships and work as a team. We were then reminded by our two counsellors that it is crucial to look after our mental health during this time of stress and they even taught us some mindfulness techniques.

The day ended on a high with Elevate Education giving us seminars on reaching our full potential and presenting time management techniques which we all need when diving head first into Foundation Studies.

A special thanks to Mrs Varga and Mrs Wainwright who kindly organised a morning tea enjoyed by all!

by Olivia C, Year 12

Foundation Studies through the eyes of Year 11

Since starting my first day of classes in Foundation Studies, our year group has had to adapt to the change in culture from Years 10 to 11. Although it seemed daunting with such a significant step-up, as the classes went on, it wasn't too difficult to settle in. This was due to the knowledge that, in each subject, all class members were new and unfamiliar with the course, just as I was. This made it easier to relate to the Year 12s who we may not have been very familiar with. Additionally, the Year 12s were friendly and inviting towards us.

In our first classes, our teachers explained to us what their subject was all about and how the classes would operate. This was particularly helpful with transitioning into Foundation Studies.

On another note, it was great to work in smaller classes, as class discussions with the teacher are effective and concentration levels are higher. This has resulted in work being completed faster and to a better standard. It is also much easier to manage the course content, of only three subjects and it is beneficial that we have longer periods in each subject.

by Emma P, Year 11

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