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Stage 2 Visit Science Space

On Friday of Week One, Year 3 and Year 4 travelled to Science Space in Wollongong. Upon arrival, we were guided to a lovely covered area outside the Science Centre. This area had tables and chairs for us to sit at and enjoy our recess. Shortly after, our students were summoned into the Science Space Planetarium - a dome-shaped cinema with a 4k laser projection system. Inside the Planetarium, we were taken on an entirely immersive tour of the universe. It was amazing!

After learning lots about the universe, we were directed into a different room for the Physical Phenomena Show. We learnt all about energy. There were balloons, serving trays, bouncing balls and a glass of water. Levi may have even gotten a little wet, or did he? This energetic show covered science concepts such as kinetic energy, stored/potential energy and sound energy.

Finally, we were able to roam the floor and test out all the hands-on experiments before it was time to have lunch and head back to school.

Thank you Mr Terlich for organising this great excursion. We had a lovely day and learnt so much.

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