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South Coast Youth Leadership Forum

Last weekend, three Year 10 students: Isabelle M; Kaylee B & Micah P; joined a select group of students, from other local high schools, to attend the South Coast Youth Leadership Forum at Waterslea Conference Centre.

The SCYLF website explains: ‘SCYLF has joined forces with local businesses and aims to assist young people by providing opportunities and resources to fulfill a dream on the simple belief that they can create change.

The program has been refined to create strong relationships within the Shoalhaven community between businesses and youth alike in order to generate a movement that will assist young people of the Shoalhaven to discover their purpose and be part of something truly world-changing.’

We have received very positive feedback, from the organisers, as to the contribution that our NCS students made.

'Thank you for all your work in getting such a great NCS team at the event this year.

Micah was part of the winning team for the Impact Challenge Projects and he and Izzy were great presenters in the Pitch Competition. NCS students were so passionate about their projects that we are looking to open up more places in the Changemakers program for them next year.

It's great to see NCS students coming through every year. I look forward to working with them again soon and to meeting even more of them at SCYLF 2020.'

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