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NCS superstars at CIS Athletics

Last week, on Thursday 12 September 2019, Joel H, Emily M and Rubymay P, all from Year 5, represented NCS and NSW CSSA at the Combined Independent Schools Athletics Championships at Homebush in Western Sydney.

They had lovely sunny conditions and plenty of support from families in the grandstands. Joel ran the 800m and 1500m, Emily qualified for the 800m, 1500m, discus and long jump. Rubymay competed in the 200m.

All three students competed very well in fields of very strong athletes. Rubymay ran her race in 30.88, less than a second off her P.B. for her event. She finished a respectable 15th place out of 27.

Joel ran a 6 second P.B. - 5:02:52 to finish with a 3rd place medal for his 1500m. He also managed to finish 7th for the 800m too.

Emily ran 5:27:52 another P.B. and came first to win a gold medal for her 1500m race. She also jumped 3.23m for long jump and threw 16.45m for her discus event, finishing in 14th place.

Well done to all three of our competitors.

Emily and Joel have both now qualified in their respective 1500m events for the PSSA All Schools Athletics Championships held in Term 4.

After both making the equivalent XC event earlier in the year, we will look forward to hearing about their future running adventures.

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