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Medals Awarded for Perseverance

On Monday, K - 6 students joined in congratulating Taine and Addison H as they each received a medal for perseverance during their dad’s long deployment aboard a Navy ship.

These medals are, on occasion, presented to children of Defence Force members who have been deployed, in recognition of the contribution they make as a family to enable serving members to carry out their duties.

Despite the many challenges, Taine and Addison persevered and have finally made it to the end. This was in no small part due to the constant care and support of their mum, who kept everything going at home.

On Monday, we also had the opportunity to say thank you to the teachers, friends and staff who supported the family every step of the way. After almost a year and a half apart, it is wonderful to see this family reunited.

This year alone, well over one quarter of our Defence students have had a parent absent for a significant period of time due to military requirements. Please continue to pray for these families as they face the many challenges associated with the Defence way of life.

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