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Check Mate!

Last Tuesday 13 August, eight students from Years 3-6 traveled to Illaroo Road Public School to compete in games of chess against teams from many of our local schools. It was an excellent day of competition as players tried to outwit each other with strategic play. Queens, bishops, knights, castles and pawns were all put to work in an effort to capture the opposing king! NCS Team A played 5 games. Harvey W achieved 2 wins and 2 draws for the team. Chris M had 2 wins. Jude K had 2 wins and a draw. Adele G scored a win and a draw. NCS Team B played 6 games. Chloe C scored 2 wins and a draw. Micah P achieved 4 wins. Levi O came away with 3 wins plus 2 draws and Thomas H had 2 wins and 2 draws. Patrick M was also selected for the team but was unable to attend due to illness. Thanks Thomas for stepping in at the last moment! Thanks to all students who came along to Chess Club leading up to the competition and congratulations to those who competed on the day. Keep playing chess everyone!

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