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Primary Zone Athletics - Faster, Higher, Longer, Stronger!

Thursday 1 August 2019 was a day for over fifty NCS students in Years 3-6 to remember. With beautiful clear blue skies overhead our primary students took to the track and field at Kerryn McCann Athletics Centre at Beaton Park in Wollongong to compete in the Primary Zone Athletics Carnival.

Our students gave great account of themselves competing to the best of their abilities against the other five Christian Schools in our region.

The day began in prayer as our students dedicated their efforts, gifts and talents to our great God. Events got underway at just after 9:00 a.m. with the boys 800m and girls field events. There were plenty of stand-out performances between then and the closing events, the 4 x 100m relays which finished at about 2:30 p.m. Here are just a few:

RubyMay P. broke the 11 Years Girls 200m zone record, setting a PB time of 31.14 seconds, nearly 3 seconds faster than her school time! Myles C. smashed his 800m school time by nearly 9 seconds and his 1500m time by over 30 seconds! Hayley Edwards ran amazingly well to finish her 1500m race almost a minute and a half faster than her school time - Wow! Joel H. ran his 800m 6 seconds faster and his 1500m over 3 seconds faster than his school times! Mia J. ran her 1500m over 20 seconds faster! Emily M. ran 15 seconds quicker in 800m, 7cm higher in high jump and 0.3 seconds faster in 100m. Caleb M. ran his 1500m 48 seconds faster and jumped 5 cm higher in HJ than at school. Ella P. was 21 cm longer in long jump than school. Jeremy P. shaved 0.12 seconds from his 100m time! Elsie P. ran 1500m 50 seconds faster and Jesse R. ran the same distance 7 seconds quicker!

We have 22 students who have qualified for State Athletics on 16 August in Blacktown. Congratulations to them. We look forward to hearing more about their great achievements in athletics.

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