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Kiama Electorate Student Leaders Forum

On 20 June, the Secondary Prefects departed Bomaderry Railway Station at 6:40am to journey to NSW Parliament House in Sydney.

It was a cool morning, but upon arrival at Parliament House, our leaders were welcomed by the warmth of those hosting the event and, also, by the heating system that was evidently running. At this point, Charlotte D, Ryan D and myself, Nicholas H, had been placed in the Kiama Electorate Student Leaders Forum venue, awaiting the arrival of the much anticipated Gareth Ward, MP. The day began with Gareth Ward introducing himself and his role in Parliament. Mr Ward, along with many of the other presenters, was in and out due to there being legislation being decided upon that day. Leaders were given the opportunity to ask questions of the Parliamentary Members and suggest things to them as well as to the other leaders. We were given the opportunity to explore Parliament House with the guidance of Mr Ward and were privileged to end up in the Gallery where we were spectators at the surprisingly energetic Question Time with all the Members. At the closing of the day, Nic, Ryan and Charlotte (being some of the last students to depart) were given the opportunity to have a more private discussion with Gareth Ward before leaving Parliament House after being reunited with Elizabeth C and Tamsyn Mc who had been participating in a separate group on the day. Our leaders then stepped back onto the train at Martin Place and, moderately tired, began the journey back to the Bomaderry Station, where their day had begun.

Thank you to Mr and Mrs Bray for accompanying us on the day!

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