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Voice of the Martyrs Speak to Secondary

On Friday 7 June, we had three visitors from Voice of the Martyrs come and speak at our Secondary Assembly. The purpose of VOM is serving the persecuted church with practical and spiritual assistance and leading Christians in the free world into fellowship with persecuted believers.

The VOM representative, Eugene, introduced us to Petr from Czechoslovakia, and Daniel from the US (formerly Iran). Petr went to Sudan to visit and encourage persecuted Christians in the majority Muslim city of Khartoum for a short trip, but ended up being falsely accused of spying and was imprisoned for 445 days. He told a moving story of how God sustained him during that difficult time. We also heard from Daniel, a former soldier, who became a Christian and had to flee with his family to the US to avoid imprisonment and execution. He tells of how he had trained and prepared to fight and kill Christians and Jews as part of the Iranian Army, and his wife and daughters were subject to strict Sharia law. He told of the freedom that comes from being a Christian, and how living in the US has changed the opportunities available for his daughters.

VOM is celebrating 50 years as an organisation this year! If you would like to know more visit

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