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Primary Metro Cup Netball - 3 June 2019

Stage 2 Metro Cup

by Izabelle Leembruggen We had a great time at netball and we had a great experience. The other teams were quite hard to beat, but we all had a great time. One of our Stage Two girls was passed the ball and fell over but still caught it., it was amazing. The weather was good. There was a soft breeze and it was not hot but it was warm. Everyone was laughing throughout the day. The results were good. Stage Two ended up coming fourth and Stage Three came third. Neither of our teams ended up making it to state but, most importantly, we all tried our hardest and had a blast.

Stage 3 Metro Cup

by Hayley Edwards On Monday 3 June, two NCS netball teams drove up to Kiama Sporting Complex. We were competing in Metro Cup. When we arrived at the complex, we put our bags in a group and started training. The junior team trained separately to the senior team. The seniors' first game was versing Cedars. We lost that game, but that was the only one that we lost. After that game, we rested and ate. The next game against ICS felt like it went forever. When it finished, everyone went to check the score. But the two scorers had different scores! After some confusion, the decision was made that the game was a draw.

Then there was time for a lunch break.

The third team we versed was Southern Highlands. We beat them 7-5 our way. Then we found out we were in the finals. In the finals, we versed Southern Highlands. AGAIN we beat them! 10-3! That was our last game.

After that, we went to the presentation. We came 3rd! YAY US! And ICS came 1st Cedars came 2nd.

Then we embarked on the long journey home.

We'd like to say a special thanks to Mrs Sutcliffe and Mrs Coleman for helping our teams on the day. We are also grateful to Amelia Leembruggen and Jasmine Hall for giving up many of their lunchtimes to help us train and prepare for this day.

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