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Quality time at Secondary Camp 2019

Being new to the school, I was eager to experience my first
 NCS Secondary School Camp, and it did not disappoint. It was exciting to see the relationship the camp leaders at Youthworks
 had built with the students over many years. Students enjoyed a challenging and rewarding mix of activities. The talks we heard were faithful to the
 Bible and applicable to our lives. We learnt not to put our faith and trust in
our own actions, but the saving works of Jesus on the cross. Our life’s resumé 
is flawed and full of things we would rather forget. Jesus’ resumé was perfect, yet he willingly died the death we deserve, so we can
 be right with God. All we need to do to be adopted into God’s family, is trust in Him. Students often remember the strangest things. Upon returning 
to reality I asked students about their camp experience. Some responses included: ‘The talent night showed how talented the school is … and 
isn’t’. ‘The camp had the big 3: Sport, God, and not work’ ‘I enjoyed capsizing our canoe’ There were a few highlights that were repeated and 
speak to the student experience. These were the beautiful location, spending
 quality time with friends, enjoying quality discussion and listening to
 challenging talks. A huge thank you goes to Mrs Dallimore and Mrs Wainwright for organising the brunt of the camp. Another thank you goes to the students, who were delightful, respectful, encouraging, and enthusiastic. The staff at Youthworks and teachers were unanimous in praising student behaviour and attitude.