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Les Trois Petits Cochons

Last term, Year 8 learned and performed the play 'Les Trois Petits Cochons' (The Three Little Pigs) in French. Two groups provided presentations of such high quality that they were also invited to perform their play for some primary classes. This was an excellent challenge as they presented to an audience that knew the story but didn't speak French. They did a fabulous job. Here is what one student (Hannah Mundey) wrote about the opportunity: “Petit cochon! Petit cochon! Je veux entrer! Je veux entrer!”

During last week of Term 1, a group of year 8 students performed a French version of 'The Three Little Pigs' for Kindergarten. Kindergarten spent the half hour laughing as the wolf chased the pigs around the Kindergarten area. At the end of the play, Kindergarten students asked some questions about the performance, such as: “How did you make the houses?” “Why were you speaking French?” And we even some compliments from these lovely children.

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