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Garden Rejuvenation!

Over the past few weeks, our primary garden has been changing dramatically. Thank you to Daniel and Alicia Cassanova for helping to restore the patch to order during a recent Saturday afternoon. They were also ably assisted by Matthew M from Year 8.

Over the last week, Jack D, Joshua C, Emma C and Eli K have also helped. They have been setting up teepees for sweet peas, digging in compost and manure and mulching garden beds. We look forward to the fruit of their labour as other primary students begin to garden during lunchtime clubs next term.

More information from Joshua Cash:

Recently, four of our students from Year Five and Mr McLennan have been getting their hands dirty in the garden. They have been working very hard to get our school garden neat and good looking. Our students will be working hard and giving up their lunches and recesses to learn and help our school garden.

They will be planting food in the garden that some of our students would probably eat at school and the food will be healthy! This includes the beans or peas that we will be growing that have already started to sprout in our school garden. The flowers that are growing are going to look beautiful in the garden.

by Joshua Cash