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Senior music head for an Encore!!

Monday of Week 4 saw the senior music class and Mr West head to the Sydney Opera House to see last year's best of the HSC performers.

The group caught the train from Bomaderry and arrived with plenty of time to have lunch at Town Hall.

The concert was titled 'Encore' and the name did not disappoint, as every performance was very technical and well rehearsed. The main concert hall was full of other school students who had made a similar trip from different areas of NSW.

The program worked in favour of our students as many performances related to their instrument. Some stand-out performances included a guitar piece which featured two soloists as they replicated a Phil and Tommy Emmanuel classic, a Jazz ensemble featuring a Saxophone and an Indonesian composition featuring a harp.

The day left all students a feeling little nervous but also looking forward to their own performances later in the year.

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