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Stage 2’s Cycling Adventure

At the end of Stage 2’s PDHPE Bike Safety Unit, Year 3BW, 3/4T and 4B were privileged to attend a fantastic day at the Campbelltown Bike Education and Safety Centre.

After learning about road signs, road rules and the importance of wearing a helmet to ensure their brain is protected in the event of an accident, each student was issued with a bicycle license and fitted with a helmet and bike. The students walked the bike track, taking careful note of the working traffic lights, pedestrian crossing and the STOP and GIVE WAY signs. Then came the exciting time they had all been waiting for - time to jump on a bike. The students thoroughly enjoyed practicing their skills and applying their knowledge of the road rules as they rode around the track. Each group had two riding sessions. During the first session, one demerit point was deducted if the students failed to follow the road rules or respect their fellow cyclists. The second session saw students lose double demerits for riding infringements. After a well-deserved lunch break the students learnt how to maintain their bikes. The ABC bike check made it easy to remember – Air in the tyres, Brakes and Bell and Chain. It gives us great joy to report that the students of NCS are energetic, fun loving and responsible cyclists. We hope they have many safe cycling adventures with their friends and families during the Summer holidays. Mrs White, Mr Terlich and Mrs Bellette

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