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Synergy Breakfast

Recently, our 2019 school leaders attended a SYNERGY Breakfast at Southern Highlands Christian School where they had opportunity to share with the student leaders from other Christian schools in the area.

Here are some reflections: "On 8 November, the School Prefects travelled up to the Southern Highlands Christian School for a breakfast with students from four other Christian schools. We had a delicious breakfast of a variety of fruits and croissants. We then moved into a session where the Prefects, from each of the schools, gave talks about what they were hoping to achieve in this next year to come; how we can lead Christianly together as a unit; what we might struggle with in our roles; and how we could overcome this.

I believe this session was really helpful and beneficial as we could all relate to one another and support each other as we were presenting these talks. After these presentations, the students then listened to two Southern Highlands teachers who spoke about public speaking and some helpful and good techniques and things that are negative in a speech or talk. Overall, it was a really beneficial day and I believe we all really enjoyed it." Charlotte D "The NCS Prefects embarked on an early morning drive to the Southern Highlands for the biannual Synergy Breakfast. Upon arrival, the air was much thinner and colder than expected, although this was quickly compensated for with some frozen pineapple. Moving on to the main event of the morning, the Prefects shared their goals and values with the other school representatives. Following this, a one-hour workshop was held, based around how to speak in public more effectively. Overall a very profitable day as the Prefects exited the Southern Highlands with new friends, new knowledge and satisfied stomachs." Nicholas H

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