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Stage 1 enjoys a Chinese Feast

On Friday, 23 November Stage 1 celebrated the end of their Chinese unit in style with a Chinese Feast.

Many of the children along with their teachers looked resplendent in their traditional Chinese Costumes. From the following comments made by students you can see a good time was had by many and it seems the food was great! · It was very interesting · Lots of food to eat · Most of the children liked everything · Food was awesome and terrific · Food was very Yum! · Prawn Rice Crackers were the best! · Lots of very very good food! We would love to thank our wonderful parent helpers on the day, especially Katrina Ward and Alicia Cassanova, who put a lot of work in behind the scenes to help make the day run smoothly. A very special thank you to Judy and Ken Lee at Greenwell Point Chinese Restaurant who supplied the scrumptious food.

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