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In NSW it is a legal requirement that children attend school each day that instruction is provided. Parents are obliged to provide the school with notification, using an approved method, for all absences.

Approved methods of notification for a day absence

Notification for all absences MUST include the student’s name, class and brief reason (eg sick or family matter). The school is required to follow up any patterns of excessive absences (eg excessive family matter absences) to ensure that families and students are meeting the Government’s requirements concerning school attendance.

Notification to parents will be done via SMS provided you have informed us of your personal mobile number (i.e. not one that the students access). When a notification is received, please use your mobile to reply and your message will be received by the school via email.

Parents who do not have mobiles will receive an email from the school if they have registered their email address with us. Again, replying with the reason will cover notification requirements. Notifications for all absences (eg in advance) can be done via email to

Email notifications should have “Absence” in the subject line and can only be accepted from a pre- registered email address from a parent (to avoid students writing their own notes).

Notification can also be done via written letter delivered either via Australia Post or the student to the classroom or AM teacher.

Once a note is outstanding for more than a week, parents will be contacted and informed that the absence has been recorded as being without an acceptable reason. Parents may send in a letter to reverse this, but new legislation requires the school to make this determination within one week.

Approved methods of notification for holiday absence or extended medical absence From the beginning of 2015, family holidays and travel are no longer considered under the Exemption from School Procedures. Travel outside of vacation period is now counted as an absence for statistical purposes.

Parents can apply for additional leave for their child if needed for exceptional circumstances. Applications for exemption from school attendance must be made in writing using an Exemption from Attendance application form available from the front office or on the School Website. A doctor’s certificate is required for extended absences and absences that correspond to assessment tasks in the Senior years of schooling (see Assessment and Reporting Policy).

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