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CSSA State Triathlon 2018

On Thursday, 25 October a group of Primary and Secondary students traveled to the Sydney International Regatta Centre to compete as individuals and teams in the CSSA State Triathlon.

Our school has a long and successful association with this event and it was great to see a group of young competitors try their hands at this most demanding sport.

Congratulations to all of our competitors who really gave their all and a special shout out to our secondary junior and intermediate girls teams who placed 9th and 13th respectively in these very heavily contested divisions.

Full times and positions results below: Yr 5/6 Individual ALEXIS WJ, 24:17 43 Yr 5/6 Individual KEONIE A, 26:54 45 Yr 5/6 ALEXIS WJ, KEONIE A, 22:43 70 Yr 5/6 LINKIN P, TOBY M, 15:46 31 Yr 5/6 TRAVIS G, HAMISH M, 16:18 39 Secondary Junior - LILI, JOSIE G, CATIE S 29:15 9 Secondary Intermediate - TAHLERA P, LILLY D, MADDIE P, 57:14 13

Secondary Junior - JONATHON W, JACKSON S, NATHAN G, 31:01 35 Secondary Junior - OLLIE E, MATTHEW M, ROHAN B, 29:23 26

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