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NCS Lions and Tigers meet NAC

On Thursday, 20 September our Stage 2 netball teams, the NCS Lions & NCS Tigers, enjoyed a friendly competition against two teams from NAC. Our NCS girls represented the school incredibly well, displaying great sportsmanship and teamwork. For the majority of the 23 girls it was the first time they had played netball. The NCS lions played a great first game, attacking and defending well. They were defeated by NAC 1 14-0. The NCS Tigers also played a great game, and were successful in defeating NAC 2 4-2. It was wonderful watching both teams display the new skills they had learnt. They were all amazing. The girls were trained by Amelia L and Jasmine H, who did an amazing job teaching the skills, positioning and the rules of netball in 5 short weeks. We are very thankful for their dedication, enthusiasm and giving up their lunchtimes to train our netball girls.

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