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‘Threatened Species’ Mini-Project

Students in Stage 3 participated in a special competition run by the Shoalhaven City Council to celebrate National Threatened Species Day. This special day is held on 7 September each year to encourage the community to help conserve Australia’s unique native flora and fauna. This year the theme for the competition followed the World Environment Day theme of “Beat Plastic Pollution”. Students were encouraged to incorporate this theme into their entries. In Geography,students have been studying the Shoalhaven River area and they chose a ‘Threatened Species’ from the area as their mini-project. They researched information including the common and scientific name of the chosen threatened species, physical description, habitat, reason for threatened status and current human efforts to save the species. The results of their projects were amazing! Students put a lot of effort and hard work into completing their mini-projects. They found a range of interesting and useful information through their research. Their teachers (Mr Parker, Mrs Landstra, Mrs Curline and Mrs Smith) are very proud of their enthusiasm, effort and hard work. Well done everyone! Some of threatened species that students researched were little terns, leatherback turtles, flatback sea turtles, heath monitors, barking owls, orange bellied parrots, green sea turtles, green and golden bell frogs, broad headed snakes and the magenta lily pilly.

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