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Synergy Leadership Breakfast

On Friday, 3 August, student leaders and their Principals arrived at our school for the Synergy Leadership Breakfast. This gathering aims to bring all of the ATICS student leadership teams together to share their leadership journeys, to learn from each other and to be trained to become even better leaders for their respective schools. We had a special guest speaker, Sam Ellery, who came to share with us that morning. After a hearty breakfast organised by Mrs Wainwright, Sam spoke to the student leaders and principals about what leadership looks like beyond the confines of our school communities. He encouraged the student leaders, who were mostly Year 12 students, to remember that there is life beyond the HSC. But most importantly, he shared his biblical worldview of leadership where leaders are meant to be followers of Christ, finding their identity in Jesus through the gospel. It was most encouraging to see Jesus actively at work in Sam’s life after completing his schooling at NCS and serving as School Captain last year. The student leaders from each school presented a summary of their journeys as leaders so far at their particular schools. They shared the importance of teamwork and communication. They also shared how they have been both encouraged and challenged over the year. It was really encouraging to hear about all their various experiences. Two teachers from Southern Highlands Christian School were also in attendance. They had already given these student leaders some training in public speaking during Term 4 of last year. They presented another workshop on this topic to give them more confidence in this important area.