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Sydney Conservatorium of Music 'Great Southern Tour'

On Monday, 25 June,we were privileged to be visited by a Brass Quintet from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. The Brass Quintet was made up of second year university students who played trumpet, tuba, trombone and french horn. They are traveling around to different schools on the south coast of NSW. We were also blessed to have a very talented singer perform a few songs too, all in different languages (English, German, French, Italian and Czechoslovakian). This memorable privilege came with opportunities for some pupils to have a go at playing the instruments, and to enjoy a short coaching on how to use your full potential in singing. Having had a wonderful time listening to pieces like the Superman theme song, Star Wars, the Carnival of Animals and getting to try out the tuba, we, on behalf of the school, would like to thank the Sydney Conservatorium of Music for both inspiring young and soon to be musicians and for wholeheartedly making our entire school community understand the importance and enjoyment involved with playing an instrument.

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