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Year 6 students get a 'taste' of Year 7

Last Friday, 8 June, Year 6 began their day with a bang… at the Year 7 'Taste 'N' See' Experience Day!

We still have many months before we officially become high-schoolers, but Friday was an exception. Our grade split into three equal groups, and we spent our day as Year 7s. We got to know some of the students who will be at NCS for high school next year, and we had an amazing time.

We experienced some of the classes, namely; Music, English, and Art. Music was really enjoyable, led by Mr West. In his class we all combined to create an ‘emotional orchestra’! After that, we got to show off our skills (or our not-so-skillfulness) on the keyboard! We asked some questions about music in Year 7, and we got to know some of the instruments we will be taught when we start high school. We had a great time in his lesson and we thank him for all the fun we had!

In Art, we had a blast! Mrs Stewart was fun and friendly. We designed our own name tags, had an auction (which was an exciting surprise!) and we were all inspired by our friends’ and peers’ creations. We had an awesome time there!

Mrs Douglas was our English teacher and we were all thrilled in her lesson! She began our lesson with ripping pages out of a book, and we were given the enthralling challenge of ‘blackout poetry’. This was much harder than we first thought! We had to ‘black out’ unwanted words in marker pen, leaving only words we wanted to keep in the order they were printed.

At the end of the day, everyone was ready to tell their families about what a great time they had at the Year 7 'Taste 'N' See' day!