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RYPEN 2018 Report

For many years the students of NCS have been able to participate in RYPEN. RYPEN is a Rotary

Club sponsored activity aimed at 14-17 year old students who show some qualities of decency, courage, persistence, sincerity and application in everyday life which deserve further development. It is, generally, held twice a year at Old Mogo Town, Mogo. As a school community, we are very appreciative to Rotary for providing these opportunities which allow our students to develop their leadership skills. Two Year 9 NCS students participated in the recent May RYPEN event: Cassie Beavan and Leo McMillan. Below is a short report from Leo: "On the weekend of 18-20 May, I attended a self-enrichment camp called RYPEN. This stands for Rotary Youth Personal Enrichment. Everyone was allocated a team, a team colour and a team captain and participated in team building challenges and activities. I was fortunate enough to be the captain of the orange team. Some of the activities we did included: tug of war; trivia; relay activities; blind folded maze guiding; and a talent night. Everyone in a team had to participate and our team acted out famous movie scenes followed by me singing "Let it Go". Our team got 4th place in the team standings. I really enjoyed the camp because I made heaps of new friends and it was fun to participate in all the activities." by Leo McMillan

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