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Language Perfect World Championships

Once again the year 8 French students have been battling it out in the international language learning competition,"Language Perfect World Championships", which has just concluded.

For 10 days students have been translating between French and English both in written and oral forma, online. Nathan Groves blitzed the competition, scoring 1,306 points and a Bronze certificate. What a legend!

Jamie Mercer worked really hard to achieve 641 points and second place - an awesome effort!

Third place was taken out by Bryce Clifton with 582 points.

Three other students also earned credit certificates (over 500 points): 4. Tom Bush - 576 5. Tahlera Palmer 532 6. Phoebe Prowse 517 Jackson Starrit also deserves a mention for becoming the world leader in 'Dash' for numbers 1-10, requiring super quick reflexes and excellent knowledge. Congratulations to all who worked so hard during the competition! Some other statistics of interest: Our school achieved these rankings:

  • 19th for French in the 1-50 students category (out of 112 schools)

  • 5th for French in Australia for the 1-50 students category (out of 56 schools)

  • 3rd for French in NSW for the 1-50 students category (out of 20 schools)

Well played year 8!!

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