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Students set sights on Bye Bye Birdie

Stage 6 Visual Design students have creatively considered how they will bring the atmosphere of Bye Bye Birdie to life on stage.

'Stage sets and props' form part of the Stage 6 Visual Design syllabus, a new course offered at Nowra Christian School this year, and Mrs Stewart saw this as a perfect opportunity for students to participate in a real life learning based project.

'The brief was set and Mrs Ellery was our client', Nicholas Astill explained.

'We had to consider the overall directorial vision of the musical, the intended audience experience, create mood boards, colour schemes and paint samples and then design the stage sets and props. Our conceptual stage drawings visually reinforced the musical’s story and themes. We made scale models of scenes from the musical. We took into account mood, tone, atmosphere, style and of course, safety considerations.'

Mrs Stewart was very impressed with the students' achievements. 'Each student brought professionalism to their concept designs, drawings and models. Design elements were presented in a cohesive, meaningful way which clearly communicated a clear vision of their design intentions.'

We look forward to seeing some of these wonderful designs on stage!

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